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Android 10 update : dark theme, more privacy and new features

Android 10 update  is the latest Android operating system version that develops by  Google I/O, for devices like phones and tablets.

Android 10 update

Android 10 Update

 Google I/O released a beta version called Android Q months ago.

The Android 10 Update has many of features that added to make your experience enjoyable.


We come today to display you some of these great features;

Dark Theme

  • Finally, Google I/O has answered to users who asking for a Dark Mode and include it on the android new version.
  • Dark Theme features like as “reduces eye overwork that resulting from bright light, save battery life  and others.
  • It’s getting better visibility for users who suffers from poor eyesight and sensitivity to bright light.

  • Also, it’s make it easy for users to use a Phones or Tablets in a place has low-light.

How do you turn on dark mode on Android?

It’s easy to switch your Android 10 to Dark Theme, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, go to Settings and choose from menu Display .
  • After tab on Display choose Theme.
  • Finally, from Theme you can enable Dark theme .
how to enable Instegram dark mode on Android?

Enhanced location and privacy tools

  • In The Android 10 update, the privacy is increass and improve, by the settings that gives more data control.
  • The data control feature, enables you to better control from the locations and size of data that entered from the apps with more private .

Compatible with 5G

  • Google gives for Android 10 all-set to feature developments that will allow to support 5G, In order to prepare for the new era, so that apps benefit from the super fast speed provided by 5G technology and quality of connections too.

Support for streaming media and calls

  • The Android 10 update is support for streaming media and all kinds of calls .
  • In addition, the new update allows you to using bluetooth with streaming  with low energy to keep the stream for a more hours.

Focus mode

  • Digital Wellbeing offers a many of great tools to limit phone addiction, the Focus Mode one of these tools that Google includ it on the new Android 10 update.
  • The Focus Mode allows you to select apps and make a pause temporarily.
How to enable Focus mode in Android 10 ?

You must follow these steps to enable it;

  1. Firstly, You must have a device that supports this feature.
  2. Go to setting from Home Screen options or drawer.
  3. Scroll down to find  Digital Wellbeing & parental controls and tab on it.
  4. Scroll down to find Focus mode and tab on it.
  5. choose the app that you want to enable the feature on it.
  6. Finally, Tab on Turn on now to enable Focus mode.

Live Caption

  • It’s great feature to creat a caption on a local or wab videos for illustration or education.
So, how to Turn on Live Captions in Android 10 ?

Before start the steps, you must have a supported phone to enable this feature.

If a caption not appear you must go to Settings ->  and tab on Sound -> and tab on Live Caption and make toggled on for it by volume control.

  1. Find a video that you want to caption on it.
  2. Press on start the video and press on volume up or down to appear a caption.
  3. Tab and pull the caption area on anywhere you want on screen.
  4. If you want cancel the caption, press on Valume down and tab on the caption.

New Gesture Navigation

With new Gesture Navigation you dont need use soft keys out of the window or others key.

Gesture Navigation on the Android has three of control ways, we can learn you how to sweep between those.

Go and tab on Setting -> tab on System -> tab on Gesture, after that, tab on system navigation.

After that, You’ll be found 3 of options:

  • First one on the list, the new Gesture that comes with Android 10 update, it hasn’t  any soft key appear on the Screen, it seems like iOS on the control way.
    How to use gesture navigation in Android 10?
  • 2-button navigation, it has 2 keys soft that was on the previous version.
  • 3-button navigation, it has 3 keys soft at the bottom of your screen, that was on the previous version too.

New Gesture Navigation Android 10

So, how to get android 10 update on your phone ?

On the whole, to get the new update, your phone must support for Android 10.

To get it, go to setting ->> Scroll down to find System  ->> tab on System to apear new menu -> tab on Advanced ->> find and tab on System update.


we can say that “The Android 10 update is an advanced move to the Android system that makes you enjoy for using it.

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