Android 11 : News and everything you need to know

Android 11 .

Android 11 DATE

Google plans to a new version of Android Software after the success of “Android 10 “, and will be has more of features.

What is the name of latest version of Android?

The new one will get name: Android 11 , but not like the old versions that got name like as Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow and Ice Cream.

Nearly, the branding change from Google is the reason for not gives any name for new Android in the future.

Therefore, the new one will be called Android 11.

A name of ِbeta will be Android R and will be running on a Pixel 4 smartphone as a Developer Preview in the next  months, based on a Geekbench result.

After the development phase is over, will Launch the official version with a Pixel 5 new smartphone, it will be in later 2020.


android 11 beta program features :

  • Dark mode scheduling

Dark mode appeared on android 10 as a system setting, but on Android 11 you can Set a time you want to activate it by scheduling.

  • Screen recording

Screen recording is one of the most features that we need on our phone, which some of android phones already had it like as OnePlus 8.

  • Message bubbles

Bubble notifications is one of Facebook Messenger’s Chat features, it’s work when you receive a  new message will appear floating bubble on the screen.

It will be available for other Apps like as whatsapp and Telegram.

  • New screenshot visuals

When you take a screenshot will appear a small thumbnail in the bottom corner of the screen, it has small options

  • Firstly, “X” button to cancel it.
  • Secondly, “Share” button to share it on Social Meida.
  • Finally, “Edit” button to make resize and effect.

This way similar the iPhone way of dealing with Screenshot.

That mean no a full notification at the top of the screen again.






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