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Download Dr.Web freeDownload Dr Web, it is designed to to put an end to Viruses & malware by scan& remove it from your PC.

Dr Web is using after you Create a Bootable on a disc or a USB, then you can use it without any problems arises by the virus attack.

also, You can uses it to cure an invalid files too.

How does Dr Web Live-disk work?

You can follow these steps:

  1. download Dr Web as image from the link on bottom.
  2. After download Dr.Web, you must burn image on CD or DVD by Nero Burning ROM or other .
  3. To right uses, you must be sure of put a CD or DVD that has Dr.web set as the first boot device.
  4. When the Dr.web loading you can choose Scan & start to clean your PC from Viruses & Malwares.


  • Firstly, it is use-able and free.
  • Secondly, Depends on a good GUI.
  • It Gives you a choice to make scan for a select file or for all device.
  • it has antivirus, memory tester, Windows Registry editor and System Recovery too.
  • Finally, when you install it by ease, you will find that it has many of other tools.

It has Cons when you download it, you find it 750 MB you need of your device space.


Finally, we can say ” you must try Dr.web, couse it’s most effect and advanced than other antivirus tools. so, it is best free antivirus“.


So, you can Download Dr Web now from here.

Download Now

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