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Supported System

  • ThinkPad 8
  • ThinkPad 10 (Machine types: 20C1, 20C3)
  • ThinkPad 10 2nd (Machine types: 20E3, 20E4)
  • ThinkPad 11e (Machine types: 20D9, 20DA)
  • ThinkPad 11e 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20E6, 20E8, 20ED, 20EE)
  • ThinkPad 11e 3rd Gen (Machine types: 20G9, 20GB)
  • ThinkPad 11e 4th Gen (Machine types: 20HT, 20HV)
  • ThinkPad 13 (Machine types: 20GJ, 20GK)
  • ThinkPad 13 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20J1, 20J2)
  • ThinkPad 25
  • ThinkPad A275, A285, A475, A485
  • ThinkPad E450, E450c, E455, E460, E465, E470, E470c, E475, E480, E485
  • ThinkPad E550, E550c, E555, E560, E560p, E565, E570, E570c, E575, E580, E585
  • ThinkPad Edge E130, E135, E145
  • ThinkPad Edge E330, E335
  • ThinkPad Edge E430, E430c, E431, E435, E440, E445
  • ThinkPad Edge E530, E530c, E531, E535, E540, E545
  • ThinkPad Edge S430
  • ThinkPad Helix (Machine types: 369x, 370x)
  • ThinkPad Helix 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20CG, 20CH)
  • ThinkPad L330, L380 L380 Yoga
  • ThinkPad L430, L440, L450, L460, L470, L480
  • ThinkPad L530, L540, L560, L570, L580
  • ThinkPad P40 Yoga
  • ThinkPad P1
  • ThinkPad P50, P50s, P51, P51s, P52,┬áP52s
  • ThinkPad P70, P71, P72
  • ThinkPad R480
  • ThinkPad S1 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20FS, 20FT)
  • ThinkPad S1 3rd Gen (Machine types: 20JK, 20JL)
  • ThinkPad S1 Yoga, S1 Yoga 12
  • ThinkPad S1 (4th Gen)
  • ThinkPad S2 (Machine types: 20GU)
  • ThinkPad S2 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20J3)
  • ThinkPad S3
  • ThinkPad S3-S431, S3-S440
  • ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14
  • ThinkPad S430, S431, S440
  • ThinkPad S5 (Machine types: 20G4)
  • ThinkPad S5 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20JA)
  • ThinkPad S5 Yoga 15
  • ThinkPad S5-S531, S5-S540
  • ThinkPad S531, S540
  • ThinkPad T430, T430i, T430s, T430si, T430u, T431s, T440, T440p, T440s
  • ThinkPad T450, T450s, T460, T460p, T460s, T470, T470p, T470s, T480, T480s
  • ThinkPad T530, T530i, T540p, T550, T560, T570, T580
  • ThinkPad Twist S230u
  • ThinkPad W530, W540, W541, W550s
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Machine types: 34xx)
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd (Machine types: 20A7, 20A8)
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd (Machine types: 20BS, 20BT)
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th (Machine types: 20FB, 20FC)
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th (Machine types: 20HQ, 20HR, 20K3, 20K4)
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th (Machine types: 20KH, 20KG)
  • ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Machine types: 20GG, 20GH)
  • ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 2 (Machine types: 20JB, 20JC)
  • ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 3 (Machine types: 20KJ, 20KK)
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Machine types: 20FQ, 20FR)
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2nd (Machine types: 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 20JG)
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd (Machine types: 20LD, 20LE, 20LF, 20LG)
  • ThinkPad X230, X230 Tablet, X230i, X230i Tablet, X230s
  • ThinkPad X240, X240s, X250, X260, X270, X280, X380 Yoga
  • ThinkPad X1 Extreme
  • ThinkPad Yoga 11e (Machine types: 20D9, 20DA)
  • ThinkPad Yoga 11e 2nd Gen (Machine types: 20E5, 20E7)
  • ThinkPad Yoga 11e 3rd Gen (Machine types: 20G8, 20GA)
  • ThinkPad Yoga 11e 4th Gen (Machine types: 20HS, 20HU)
  • ThinkPad Yoga 14
  • ThinkPad Yoga 260
  • ThinkPad Yoga 370
  • ThinkPad Yoga 460
  • Lenovo B4400, B4400s, B4450s
  • Lenovo E4430
  • Lenovo K29, K49
  • Lenovo K2450, K4350, K4450
  • Lenovo M4400, M4400s, M4450
  • Lenovo Tablet 10
  • Lenovo V4400, V4400u
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