Create a Facebook Business Page step by step

You can create a Facebook business page by ease, Facebook’s advantage in marketing and showing your product to the largest number of people effortlessly.

How to create a Facebook page for business

Step 1: Sign up

You must go to create pages, you will found 2 type of pages, business / brand or community / public figure, you can choose one and tab on Get Started button .

After that, you can enter some information like;

  • Page name: is a Business name that you wish to keep known to people.
  • Category is a word that describes your business. So, you should choose a word that your customers make search for.

If you choose business / brand and your activity on sell protect like as food or clothes,  you will find 2 other options of information, Address and phone number.

When you’re ready, tab on Continue to go to the next step.

Note: you should read and accept terms of the Facebook Pages.

Facebook Business Page


Facebook Business Page

Step 2. Add Pictures

You can select or make an image that will be expresses your business. be sure your photo is clear and not cropped, Now you can upload it.

Also, you can upload a cover photo, but should be at least 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

If you don’t have any cover photo, you can create one from Canva. don’t forget to read design a Facebook business page for more information’s.

fb Business Page


Step 3: Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Facebook allows you to create a Fan base by Invite friends from your list, you can find it on hand-Right side.

Note: you can get more engagement by invite more of fans.

invite Facebook  Page


Step 4: Add details for your business page

To add more of details for your business page, from hand left side tab on see  more to open a menu, then click on About button.

Now you can make add or edit information’s, and you can make username for your page.

when you choose a unique username from  Create Page @Username in the left menu, other people can find your Page, mention and send a message to your page by ease.

invite Facebook  Page

Step 6. Add a Button to Your Page

When you finish adding all the information about your activity, you need to add a button to your page, which can help your fans to get the product or connect with you.

Step 7.Create and Publish your first post

To start your activity you must create a post and tab on publish to get engagement for your page and product.

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