Google Play Store for Android

Google Play Store APK for Android is one of the most popular and used apps, because it is reliable and supported by Google. It’s provides as the official app store for Android devices.

Google Play Store contains many of Android apps, games, Music and E-books,  There are 3.5 million apps available through Google Play for free or cost.

download and install the Google Play Store

Google Play Store Apk App Features

  1. Apps section, you can search about old or new apps, you can read their information . allow you to do update for old apps version. Also you can buy and download an apps that you want.
  2. Books section , you can buy or Lease E-books and you can store it for reading wherever you want.
  3. Newsstand section allows you to read and make subscribe to news channel and magazines like as lifestyle, sport, science and technology.
  4. Devices section allows you to discovery and buy Google products.
  5. By web version, you can easily download and install apps to your phone from PC. You must Login in with the same google account and keep your phone connect to internet.
  6. Early Access allows you to access to apps and games that are still under development, for testing before the official launch. it’s great, right?
  7. in addition you can search about an app by name of developer or company.
  8. Google Play Protect package to safe your phone from harmful apps by periodic scanning.
  9. Also, you can search about an app by Categories, to make search process easily or found an alternative.
  10. Perinatal guide: If you have children’s using the phone, you can hide the Fight games or porn apps.


How do I use Play Store app?

To download apps from play store, you must following steps by steps:
  1. Open your Play Store app.
  2. Type the name of the application that you want in the search.
  3. Tap on Install button to start download app on your phone.

How to download and install the Google Play Store

1. Check your play store app version:

You should check the app version you own, for don’t download an older version or incompatible with your device.

2. Download Play Store as an APK

Firstly, you should know the extension apk, it’s just another Format of the app files, which you can download and install the app on your phone easily.

So, to download Google Play store apk for Android, you must following steps by steps:

  1. You must click on Download.
  2. Find the version that you want and tap on download.

Note: However, there are several ways to get a safe version of Google Play, but we chose the easiest and best for you.

3. Adjust security permissions
Setting unknown sources helps you keep your phone in safe, and prevents installing apps except Google Store.
  • To start install, Tap on file manager icon ->  Apps button ->  App install files APKs.
  • When you start install , will appear a warning pop, Click the available Settings button to adjust it. 
  • Make enable that app install APKs, and tap on Back to start install the app.
You have now the way for how to download and install the Google Play Store on Android.

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