How to enable Whatsapp dark mode on Android & iOS

WhatsApp Dark Mode Avalivable now.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Almost of Apps users prefer use a Dark Mode on their phones, so the many of developers be tend to add it as option on their apps.

Let’s be accurate, Most apps users like to use the Dark Themes for more of reasons ;

  • It is very comfortable for the eyes, specially at the night vision, especially if you use your mobile for long periods of time.
  • DarkMode help to save battery life.
  • The best option for people who have low vision, it can gives great clarity.
  • It gives a wonderfull look for your phone.

Is there dark mode for WhatsApp?

Due to increasing the requests to add WhatsApp Dark Mode, it has been added among many features.

WhatsApp DarkMode is now available on Android. 

The new Dark Theme for WhatsApp comes with new design, the colour will change from light gray and green to black and midnight blue.

The new Dark Mode will be available as an option in anytime you want to use it. that’s great, right?

How to enable Whats app dark mode ?

Currentlyyou have one way to get new Whatsap p Dark Theme “Beta” on the Android by  sign up for the beta whats app dark mode via the Google Play Store, but the registration stage is very limited, so be fast.

Whatsapp DarkTheme on iOS is Beta too, but Sing up has reached the maximum number of testers. so it’s unavailable now.

After register on beta page, dont reintall the app, just wait for the next update to get it.

when you get the new updata, just following this steps:

  • Go and tab on settings after restart app.

-You can find Settings on top right corner of app.-

  • From the options choose ” Chats “.
  • Dark Mode will appear as 1st choice the menu.
  • Now, you can change between Dark & light mode as you like.

There is another way to enable Dark Them for this app by Phone settings:

  • You must using Android 9 or above.
  • Go to phone settings to change to Dark theme, then the WhatsApp theme will change to darker color

Whatsapp web dark theme:

In fact, all the news about Whatsapp web dark Mode, theres is no specific date for WhatsApp release, but all the leaks indicate that it will be amazing.

How to use WhatsApp web on PC or tablet ?

how to enable dark mode for instagram.

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