How to get Instagram Dark Mode for Android & iOS

Instagram Dark Mode for Android & iOS

How do I turn on Dark Mode for Instagram?

instagram dark mode

The Developers have done a lot of research to prove the importance of Dark Mode , it has many of features like as ;

  • It saves battery to keep running for long time.
  • It comfortable on the eyes at night.
  • Increase the clarity of words for the people who has low vision.

Currently, you can use DarkMode on your phone that has Android 10, or iOS 13, then you can uses it on some apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome and  Instagram too.


how to enable dark mode instagram for Android ?

Condition that you own a phone that support Android 10 .

Q: How do I upgrade to Android 10?

You can check if your phone support Android 10, Go to Settings->System -> System Update.

So, If you have one, you must  these steps to enable Dark Mode for Android ;

  1. Go to phone settings to start change Mode .
  2. When appear the menu, scroll down and tab on Display .
  3. Tab on Dark Mode to start Activate.
  4. Now you can enjoy uses Instagram with the new mode.

Ask: Why can’t I update my phone to Android 10 ?

Surely there’s one of those reasons;

  • Maybe your Phone version is old and dont support new updates.
  • Maybe your Phone is new version, but the new update didn’t reach him.

How to enable dark mode instagram for iPhone ?

Condition that you own an iPhone running with iOS13.

Q: How do I upgrade my iPhone to iOS 13 ?

To check if your iPhone support iOS 13, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

So, if you have one you must  these steps to enable dark mode instagram ;

  1. Go to iPhone’s settings.
  2. From menu, tab on Display and brightness .
  3. Tab on Dark to start the Mode.
  4. Now you can enjoy with DarkMode when you uses Instagram.

Finally, we can say the DarkMode on your phone is a unique experience, you must enjoy with it.

how to put darkmode on instagram ?

so, How to turn Instagram DarkMode On ?

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