How to make a post shareable on Facebook

Facebook Post Shareable

When you browse the Facebook and found a post you like, but you face the problem there is no share button.

This is due to several reasons, which may be from your account or through the account of the other person.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

There is a problem with sharing the post, You may need to modify your account privacy to make a fb post shareable.


  1. Click on the options button which you find in the top right of the page.
  2. Tab on the “Settings” option, click on Privacy button.
  3. Now you will find this question “Who can see your future posts?” change for Public or Friends as you want.
  4. After that, tab on Timeline and Tagging Settings, from Timeline section you will find this question ”
    Allow others to share your posts to their stories?“, must be Enable to give others the right to Share your post.

Sharing Posts From Friends

Anyway, you can check if your friends open privacy to allow share their posts or no, if you don’t see Share button on bottom of posts, you must give your friend the way that you have read above.


Sharing Posts From Groups

There is two types of Facebook groups, public or private.
Public Groups on FB : Public Facebook groups are open for everyone,Whether you are a member or not, and allow you to share posts from it by pressing on Share button.
Private Groups on FB : Only intended for group members, whether posts appear or share.

Facebook Post Shareable From Pages

Facebook pages are allow you to share any post without any limit cause it’s fully public. So to share any post you just tab on Share button.

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