How to Take a Screen Shot on a Windows Laptop?

Screen shot is an image that take as a copy of the desktop PC or Phone, save to uses on some works or share it with your friends.

In this topic, we come to you with ease ways that we can uses to get screen shot by ease;

we have a simple way, you don’t need to use any software to get screenshot:

  • Firstly, press on key  “Print Screen” on keyboard to take a picture from desktop.
  • secondly, Go to on desktop and press on “Right Click” from mouse.
  • thirdly, Select “New” from the Menu, press on ” Bitmap image ” from Pop-up menu.
  • open ” Bitmap image ” by Paint.
  • Press on ” Ctrl + V” to make past for Screenshot.
  • finally, now you can save it on your computer.

screen shot

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