How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Chrome ?

Usually, when using Chrome for a long times, you will feel with sluggish or not be able to loading a new updates. That mean it’s time to clear your cache and Cookies.

Clear Cache and Cookies on google chrome

How cache and cookies work ?

When you browse a site, Chrome stores some of its parts like Cookies or some of information’s like logins, which makes browsing easier and faster, when you want to visit it again. But when your browser stores enough of it, your online experience may slow down.

Fortunately, when you clearing that files may to contributes to solving that problem.

How to clear cache and Cookies on Google Chrome desktop browser?

You can clear cache and cookies on Google Chrome, here’s a step-by-step to do it by ease:

  1. To start, you must be running Google Chrome Browser .
  2. By Mouse, click on this icon Speed up google chrome , you can found it at the top right .
  3. From the menu, place the mouse over More Tools .
  4. From More Tools, another menu will appear, then tab on Clear browsing data .
  5. After that, will appear Clear browsing data options on the new tab.
  6. From the top, choose a date range that you want.
  7. Mark on the small box that Next to ” Cookies and other site data “.
  8. You can Mark on the box that Next to ” Cached images and files ” too .
  9. finally, Tab on Clear data .

What happens after you clear this info ?

After clear cache and cookies on your Browser:

  • Some of info and settings on sites get delete, in the date range you specified .
  • Some sites which has Images will be slow, cause the images need to load again.
  • Overall, If you turn sync on in Chrome , all devices which stay login-ed into the Google Account get delete info & settings too

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