Skype Free Video Call & Chat

Skype free video calls

Skype  is Microsoft software uses to help you for making your voice or video call  for free.

skype free video calls


Is Skype free video calls ?

Skype is a free telecommunications program that provides video converse and voice calls between mobiles and computers. Skype also provides immediate messaging services.

It allow to Users to send images, text, and video. Also it provides users to converse above the Internet by microphone, and from through this article we will learn about the advantages of this program and how to download it.


What features does Skype have?
  • Microsoft sky pe allows users to converse during both immediate messaging and voice talk.
  • Voice chat helps to make phone calls between two users and is free and very simple to use.
  • skype voicemail can store preceding messages which you sent them to friends.

Disadvantages of Skype program

  •  It needs many Hardware Requirements such as IP telephone handsets, microphones, new laptops and speakers.
  • It effects on Network Performance, because of increasing of the information in local area.
  • Although Skype is a free program, you’ll pay for using of additional features like limitless calls to some other places in the world, or connection with mobile or send SMS.
  • Skype is actually an aim for whoever steals personal data like secret word, the messaging app still in danger and getting hacked.
  • Chatting on Skype has become a risk for kids, because it Adults are allowed to exploit children. So, parents should observe who kiddies converse with.

How to make video chat group on Skype?

You can follow these steps in order to do this:

  1. Log in Skype free video calls on your Windows, Mobile or MacBook.
  2. Click the blue “S” sign on desktop to go to this program and a login interface will be appeared. Write your Skype username and secret word then click the “Sign In” key to go to your account.
  3. You can begin to have a chat. Just the once you’ve login in your account, choose friend that you would like to have a group talk with his through the left side of the Skype’ window. The Conversation panel will be appeared to send your message to this person and have chat with his.
  4. Click the sign (+) on the higher left-hand region to insert other persons from the drop-down listing to the conversation.
  5. Choose the persons you’d like to insert them in the group video call from the left-hand pane of the sub window and click the “Select” key right at the underside to put these names to the right pane.
  6. Click the “Call” key at the top of the chat pane to begin the group video call. After choosing your friends and talking with them on the chat.
  7. You can end the group video call by pressing on the red phone, sign at the underside of the Skype call panel, and the call will be going on after you’ve pressed on the red phone sign.

Skype free video calls

Skype for iPhone

Skype for windows 10


“Skype has changed the method we join with other people and has much achievement above the past little years and becomes develop at a fast rate. It is used by more followers, because it is approximately fully free, nowadays it is simple extremely”.



So, you can download skype free video calls from here.

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