Wireless Network Watcher free download 2018

Wireless Network Watcher  is a program uses to  monitor your network and who uses it.

Wireless Network Watcher

About the application:

Developer: NirSoft.

Application Type: Network/Admin.

Version: 360 KB.

Name:  Wireless Network Watcher v2.18.




how can you network monitor download?

At the beginning, You may think that knowing the information of network users is very difficult, but with this program you will change your mind because it allows you to view their detailed information. 

Wireless Network Watcher is a small and light program that helps you to browse devices connected to your network.

for instance, first & time and detection count, device name, MAC address, IP address, network adapter company.

 secondly, it allows you to export the list of connected into format files likewise CSV, Html, text and XML.

It does this as a step that helps you to easily save and retrieve it and you can view it on Excel or other spreadsheet application by copy the list to the clipboard.

in addition, If there are many devices, it gives users the option to select the network adapter they want to use, also check the range of IP addresses by scan. 
Above all, Wireless Network Watcher is friendly to your PC, can work without stress on CPUs and RAM  on all windows.
In conclusion, we can say the main purpose of the program is to detect the network easily. therefore, we consider it a gift for our followers.

How does the wireless network watcher look?

wireless network watcher

wireless network watcher

You can try downloading it now 🙂



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