Apple Wireless Airpods 2 Release Date, Price, and Features

AirPods 2 Earphones is wireless headphones was produced by Apple to compete with the rest of other the phones headsets.

New AirPods 2 launch


firstly, Expected features of AirPods headphone:

    • Hey Siri’ Service:  ” What is Siri and how does it work?”
    • Battery life:

      apple wireless earbuds battery lasts for 5 hours and, in the case of a continuous call, consumes 50% of the charge.

      For charging up to 100%, the handset must be on charger for 24 hours

  • AirPods  is dedicated to the iPhone but you can connect it to Android via Bluetooth but without its advantages with Apple devices. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Secondly, Expected Price of Apple Earpods 2019 :

There is no official statement of price but they are not exceed $ 159 for AirPods 2 with a standard charging case “which holds 24 hours”, if you want to get Qi-based wireless charging case too, you will spend more of money “$199 for all“.

if you want to buy wireless charging case only, you will spend $79.

apple wireless earphone price.

airpods 2 wireless charging

Thirdly, date of release: “where can i find airpods?”

Apple announce will issue AirPods 2 Earphones between March 25 and March 30 on Apple Stores.

Conversely for the Customers who pre-ordered will be delivering Their requests between March 27 and 29.

when can i order airpods ?

where to buy apple airpods?

You can buy it from Apple Stores or online from Here.

finally, We can say that Apple has made a breakthrough in the industry of mobile headsets.

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