Google Hangouts shutting down 2020

Google Hangouts days has become close to end , where news reports received to the site, Google has  stating to decided to terminate of this service in 2020.


google Hangouts


 of course that is bad news for users of this application, cause they uses in many activities such as sending texts, voices & videos  to other .

Hangouts was start when Google released a replacement of Gchat in 2013.

furthermore, Gchat was closed by the company after stopped update of it ,cause it users is very low,same reason that face Google Hangouts  now.

Still, it doesn’t signal well for folks that primarily use Hangouts at intervals Gmail, or use it to speak with their children or folks that don’t have mobile.

finally, There area unit still plenty of details up within the air right now,  therefore we have a tendency to’ve reached dead set Google for comment and can update if we hear back , so follow us.


whyis google shutting down google hangouts?


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Why is Google shutting down Google Hangouts?

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