Samsung Galaxy Watch apps  reflects the digital development of watches, which make it at first ranked in the digital watch market.

So, we have collected a list of best apps we can use to reduce browsing time , enhances the experience and adds fun to it.

samsung galaxy watch apps

Spotify for Play your favorite Music

We put Spotify Music App In the first place of list for several reasons:

  • It’s supported & have great relationship  with Samsung .
  • Gives you access for recently played songs.
  • You can replay Music offline.

For all of this reason we put Spotify Music App as a best choice to listen to music on Samsung Galaxy Watch‘s.

Read more for: Spotify app for New music & videos .

Get your pick up via Uber

Uber app offers a service that let you sent request to nearby Uber driver to pick you up and take you to the location that you want.

So, we found Uber app is a great choice and must be in your list for many reason:

  • It provides you a safe and comfortable transport.
  • You can use it on Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps easily.
  • Don’t worry about the size of Uber Maps on Samsung Watch, because it allows to zoom in and out to select your spot.

Surf to browse internet

Sometimes you might forget your mobile phone at home, and you need to check something quickly on any website, Then you will need a browser. So we recommend Surf Browser to be on your list.

In addition, Surf Browser gives you a safe and fast browsing.


Voice Memo

sometimes might come in your mind an idea and you wanted to save / record it for don’t forget it. so we recommend you one of the best applications can do that job, it is called Voice Memo app who must be in your list in Samsung galaxy watch apps.

Find My Car

when you park your car on a parking to do shopping and you don’t remember where you have parked it, Find My Car apps is great choice to beat this problem.

Anyway, Find My Car apps are available on Samsung watch’s too.



You do some training like run and you want to measure your speed, the Samsung Speedometer can help you.

Speedometer is based on GPS for its work, also it allows you to save previous results. 

Facer Apps

If you want change your Samsung Galaxy watch face, you must add Facer Apps on your list.

Facer Apps has many of many free faces or paid faces and select what suits you best.

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