Balabolka : text to speech converter

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech Converter  program .



Application Information:

Application name: Balabolka

Developer: Ilya Morozov.

Application Type: Adapter.

Version: v Portable.

Compatibility:  Windows programs  .

Application size: 16.4 MB

Application last updated on official website: 2018

About the application:

Application Dynamics:

first of all , you can use Balabolka application to convert text to speech, whatever by printing directly from the keyboard or inserting text files.

In addition, it supports many of format like as “TXT, EPUB, CHM, DOCX, DOC, HTML” You can change the tone sound “Male or Female” , Speak speed and volume.

Application  Interface :

Sure as usual, the GUI is easy to use and pretty, you can convert it by Text , you can control and change rate “tones, Speak Speeds and Volume Sound, as I said before .

moreover,  Balabolka is  uses assorted versions of Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) it is possible to resort to search function, edit ID3 tags, split and convert tracks to other audio formats (eg WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA), undo actions, replace numbers with words, find homographs or insert clips Voice.

Furthermore, the tool uses moderate RAM and uses a low CPU .

finally , You will not have any difficulty using this program, because it is very easy to be able to learn, so you should try it 🙂 .

how to convert ebooks mp3 with balabolka?

Finally, I can say it is a very good application .

Picture of application:


You can try downloading it now 🙂

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Download Now

Another link

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