CCleaner | cleanup & optimizes your slow device

CCleaner is Powerful tool that you can uses to improve your device’s performance by ease.
CCleaner clean pc

About the application:

Developer:Piriform Ltd.

Application Type: clean & optimize.

Compatibility: PC, Mac, Laptop .

What is CCleaner ?

C Cleaner is helps you to get rid of all unwanted files that affect the speed of your device, you can use it in PC, laptop, Mac and Mobile too .

What is C Cleaner used for?

It is the magic solution to solve your computer problem like slow down when you uses it on real.

Features of C Cleaner:

  • Firstly, It has user interface an easy and simple.
  • Secondly, it allows Windows or Android to run Free up & Faster.
  • Thirdly, C Cleaner helps you to clean your device to find  free space on your hard drive.
  • In addition, it can remove old & unused Registry.
  • Moreover, allows you to clean up unwanted files on your Internet browsers, like as cookies, super cookies… etc.
  • It can Define & find Duplicate files by ease.


Why is my Windows 10 slow?

Your device faces a several factors that may effect speed and efficiency, like:

  • Run too many of programs when PC start-up.
  • If you Delay in Windows updates or driver.
  • Presence of Malware or viruses on your devices.
  • If disk drive has not any space.
  • If RAM  has not any space.
  • An old drive or a very large number of background programs is fragmented.

CCleaner for pc

CCleaner clean pc

CCleaner clean pc


Finally, we can say that “you must use c cleaner for fix windows 10”.


So, C Cleaner free download from here.

Download Now

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