Energy Management to fix Lenovo Battery “plugged in, not charging”

Energy Management is designed to help to fix Lenovo Battery.

Energy Management


About the application:

Developer: Lenovo Team.

Application Type: software.

Version: v41.9 MB.

Name:  Energy Management v2.

How to fix Lenovo Laptop plugged in not charging?

firstly, Many of people want to use Windows 10 but they will face some of the problems, especially when Windows does not support some pieces in Hardware.

Today, we have come up with a problem that worries most Lenovo users when Windows 10 update.

it begins once when Windows 10 update, you will find that the laptop battery does not charge, then you take some steps but does not affect the current mode is the existence of the message “plugged in, not charging” and Battery charge stops at 60% .


This problem bothered me a lot and exhausted a lot of time and effort, but finally found only one solution was as a lifeline.

why laptop battery not charging?

To resolve the problem, follow these steps:

Before you start using the Program, we must make sure that the battery and the charger are working well by shutting down the laptop and charging it for 15 minutes. Then we operate and check whether the battery charge rate has increased or not.

If the answer is Yes, you will follow the rest of the steps. If the answer is NO, so you can go to maintenance.

    • Firstly, We need to update the battery definition from Device Manager.
  • Secondly, download Energy Management ; is a utility program that manages energy in Lenovo laptops with high-efficiency.
  • Thirdly, after you install it, you must restart a laptop.
  • Fourthly, you can open the program from the toolbar.

Energy Management

  • fifthly, select battery icon’s to open the setting.

Energy Management

  • Sixths, choose Advanced Features to open the other options. then, press start to start the process. after that press Continue.

Energy Management


Energy Management

  • Seventh, Do not close the message that appears and see how the battery chargers.

Energy Management

Energy Management

Finally, we can say that ” this is the best way i found it to fix the problem for Energy Management Windows 10, You can try it.

why is my Lenovo not charging ?

You can try downloading it now 🙂


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why is my laptop saying plugged in not charging?

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