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GPU-Z is uses to Discover your graphics card’s capabilities.



Application Information:

Application name: GPU-Z

Developer: TechPowerUp

Application Type: Discover your graphics card’s capabilities.

Version: v2.13.0 PC

Compatibility:  Windows programs  .

Application size: 5.8 MB

Application last updated on official website: 2018

About the application:

Application Dynamics:

first of all , GPU-Z is a little estimated programming utility that gathers data on the PC’s graphics card and sensors, while enabling clients to direct temperature, utilized memory and other information.

also it support NVIDIA and ATI cards and support for Windows  2000 / XP / Vista , the clock speed, its BIOS version, the amount of memory,  the amount of shaders, and more.

furthermore , it is particularly convenient when endeavoring to determine issues to have your PC Example if u got crash when you play the game, you can run GPU-Z in the background and have it record details to a content document.

Furthermore, the tool uses moderate RAM and uses a low CPU .

also, Utilizing the data in the content document, you can check whether the card is overheating or different issues might happen that could cause the crash .

certainly , you can say that it’s good , ease & useful, it can help you with many graphics problems . 


v2.13.0 (October 15th, 2018)

  • Fixed some rare crashes during GPU-Z startup.
  • Fixed missing fan speed sensors for pre-Turing cards using GeForce driver 400 and newer.
  • Screenshot button tool tip will no longer be visible in screenshots.
  • Minimize on close will now trigger on “Close” button click, Escape key, ALT+F4. Use the tray icon menu to exit GPU-Z when “minimize on close” is enabled.


Picture of application:


GPU-Z Discover your graphics card's
GPU-Z Discover your graphics card’s



You can try downloading it now 🙂


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Download Now


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