Internet Download Manager 631 build 9

internet download manager indir called IDMan is the best application for download files

 at speeds very awesome up to 500% of the normal download speed.

Internet Download Manager


Application Information:

Application Name: Internet Download Manager 2018.

Goods: Download Manager Tonec Inc.

Application type: Downloader.

Version: v6.31 Build 9.

Compatibility: windows programs .

Application Size: 7.12 MB.

Application last updated on official website:  2018.

About the application:

Application Dynamic:

First of all,  this application  is the most powerful program to download files.

It can download any files in any format and you can download them at up to 500% of normal speed by splitting the file into parts and downloading each part and compiling it when download  complete.

Above all, this application  can download  videos from YouTube or other sites has Videos watch online , is that wonderful ?


Application Interface :

As usual, the GUI is easy to use and is produced using a consistent window in an appropriately authored format. Of course, this program is useful to reduce the cost of file download time

In addition, this tool uses moderate RAM and low CPU during download, but if you increase the file download portions, it may cost more than the CPU RAM used.

One of the most important features for download idm 631,that you can altogether set a date or timeframe when downloads are prepared.

By populating your given rundown with wanted web addresses, you can empower a one-time download at a given hour or date, and additionally occasionally in chose days.

A few post-process activities are likewise accessible, for example, closing down your framework or closure the download procedure at a particular hour.

Finally , we can say that “you ‘ll not face any difficulty on use this program , because it’s  very ease & able to learn, so you must try it” .

So, How to add Internet Download Manager to Google Chrome Browser by ease?

You can watch this video….

some pic from the application :

Internet Download Manager

so, you can try & Download it now 🙂


Download now

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