Kaspersky Anti-Virus smart way protect 2018

 Kaspersky is a program specifically designed
to protect you from hacking & detect Malware for example  “viruses, worms, adware, auto-dialers, Trojans,   multi-packed files and suspicious packed “




About the application:

Application Dynamics:

First of all, Kaspersky is an antivirus definition computer  from viruses,Trojans and other malicious programs

it is also can support your PC firewall’s at the same time.

Specifically, this program can  provide  excellent real-time protection by filters files , network traffic and inbox,it can  infected links and blocks them too .

  in addition , you can uses  it to  identifies vulnerabilities in the system or third-party applications and allows for immediate troubleshooting systems and It uses to Rescuer Disc by creat a bootable CD or USB mass storage device .


play games without interruptions, and diminish framework assets utilization at startup.

you can uses also to perform inert  checks.

Continuous errands can be observed and adjusted from a task manager.

The main screen shows the protection status of the computer and provide easy access to the menu items like scanning, updates, reports and virtual keyboard. 


Finally , KasperSky viewed as a top grade  as the best program in the field of protecting and cleaning devices from malicious programs, you can say that  it’s user-friendly antivirus.

 But it’s only drawback is that it may consume a large amount of Ram during the scan.

you must looking for additional features may resort to  Internet Security.


Picture of application:


Kaspersky antivirus




kaspersky antivirus

You can try downloading it now 🙂



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