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SHAREit is a program specifically designed  as a transfer for all kinds of files between different devices.


What is Share it App?

Firstly, SHAREit is a tool helpful & uses for sharing & transfer all kind of the files by Safely, easily and quickly.

The program includes a perfect and alluring UI, the first occasion when you uses it, you will be prompt to make a personality for your gadget, for example relegate it a name and a symbol.

In this way, the main window of SHAREit gives you a chance to pick the capacity you wish to work with, be it ‘Send’ or ‘Receive’, or you can welcome companions to utilize it.

in addition, While transferring a files through it, you must choose the speed you need to stack the source records, perusing through your PC and stacking them independently or a few on the double;

it bolsters incalculable sorts of archives, documents, images, songs and videos. Above all, More features.
For example Multi-platform support, great speed amid transfers and chare it all types of files.

However, it has cons too. For example “Lack of instructions and Doesn’t always work. Finally, share it pro PC 2019 is helpful and practical multi-device utility which plans to help you in transferring the files more rapidly than by customary techniques, saving you the time and effort involved.

How does share it transfer data?

Share it versi lama allows you to send and receive files with your friends by ease, it works by WiFi radio as a peer to peer, , so it Makes data transfer speed high.

Is it safe to use SHARE it?

It is uses a technology called WiFi Direct, it’s safe.

WiFi Direct can be found on the latest phones, it’s the fastest way to Files Transfer to nearby devices without the cables or Internet.

How can share apps through SHAREit?

To share apps through share it, you must follow steps:

  1. From sender’s device, go to share it home screen and tab on Send button.
  2. You can choose any apps that you want to send it.
  3. before press on Send button, Bluetooth should  be running.
  4. Now, the device will start scan nearby devices.
  5. Finally, tab on receiver device avatar from Scan Screen to start transfer.

What are the pros and cons of SHARE it for Windows?

Positives :
  • Work and connect faster than Bluetooth and Internet.
  • No size limit for files transfer.

Negatives :

  • Does not work on desktops if not equipped with Wi-Fi devices.
  • Runs slowly on older mobile devices due to memory management issues.

Which is better, Shareit or Xender?

We’ll show you the advantages and you free to choose:

Sheart can send large files or videos 40x faster than Bluetooth, you can sharing files to up 5 devices as a group on the same time, you can use it on phones, computers and laptops.

XENDER can send files up 50x faster than Bluetooth, you can share files for up 2 devices on the same times, it’s not support on PC.

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Picture of application:


You can download Share it versi lama on laptop free now.

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