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Whatsapp 2019 Download for all divices

Whatsapp Messenger App 2019 is designed to help you to connect with your family and do your business by ease with many of free features.

whatsapp for pc

About the application:

Developer:   WhatsApp Inc. .

Application Type: Messenger app.

Compatibility:  all devices  .

Whatsapp app free is the most popular message and chat application on the world, As the latest statistics show that “People who uses this program is near 1.7 billion users around of the world”.


So, this program has several of options ;
  • Firstly, the Whatsapp app depends on your Internet connection, so it allows you to sending and receiving text messages without any costs.
  • Secondly, You can create a group chat and add people with the same interests.
    you can share photos, videos and messages at once, you can add to 256 participants “Whatsapp group chat“.
  • Thirdly, allows you to make calls to talk with your family & friends for free even if they are in another country.
    so Voice and videos calls by your Internet connection for free.
  • in addition, You can share your moments with a picture or video has taken directly from your camera or takes from your saved files, .
  • Furthermore, you can share a large of files likewise PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and other files up to 100 MB.
  • also, you can use whats app for windows 10 32 bit without bluestacks.


how to block someone on whatsapp?

  1. open your whats app on your phone.
  2. open the desired person’s chat and press on menu icon.
  3. So, you can now choose “Block” from options list.

what happens when you block someone on whatsapp?

When you decide to put someone on the block list, they will not be able to send text messages or multimedia messages and will never be delivered to you.

finally, we can say that ” this program is the best for ease and diversity of correspondence and information security.


Picture of application:

whatsapp for pc download

so, you can download the latest version of Whatsapp 2019 for windows 10 32 bit.

whatsapp apps

You can try download it now 🙂

Download Now

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how can to create screensaver?

whatsapp messenger app download 2019 for Free.

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